HTML5 Development

Key benefits of HTML5:
  1. The benefits of HTML5 with support technologies like CSS3 and HTML5 empower web and mobile solutions results in better user experience, performance and time.
  2. Additional tags that supports multimedia functions such as playing video, animations, drawings, music files without add-ons or browser plug-ins. HTML5 based apps are web apps, it allows the user smoothness to install the same app across multiple device platforms and app stores.
  3. HTML5 support for offline cache and offline database for building browser-based applications.
  4. Geo-location supports and New HTML5 API(Application Programming Interfaces).
  5. HTML5 supports both HTML and XHTML-style syntax and other new features in its markup, New APIs, XHTML and error handling.

Hypertext Markup Language revision 5 (HTML5) is a markup language used for the structure and presentation of World Wide Web content and development. The most interesting new HTML5 elements are: 

  • New semantic elements like header, footer, article, and section.
  • New form attributes elements like number, date, time, calendar, and range.
  • New graphic elements: svg and canvas.
  • New multimedia elements: audio and video.

The most interesting new APIs in HTML5 are:

  • HTML Geolocation
  • HTML Drag and Drop
  • HTML Local Storage
  • HTML Application Cache
  • HTML Web Workers
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